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Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy goes on lengthy Australian tour of unequipped hostels – often playing on pool tables. Boy finally comes back home. After all that, girl breaks boy’s heart. Zack Adams knows. He lived it and he’s here to tell the tale.

Zack Adams is a creation of Perth’s own Shane Adamczak, and much like Australia’s other ginger-haired musical comedian, is every bit the rock’n’roll nerd. In ‘Love Songs For Future Girl’, Adams takes us through all the girls he’s loved before through hilarious story and song.

From disastrous first dances in primary school to attempts at finding ‘the one’, Adamczak’s humour is relatable to anyone who’s fond of love, music, and love songs.

He’s at his absolute best on high-flung rants including one memorable piece that begins railing against the guy who’s dating the girl he’s fallen for… and ends in astute raging on airport behaviour. It’s hard to tell which infuriates him more but it all keeps the crowd in stitches.

Adams is celebrating the 10th anniversary of ‘Love Songs For Future Girl’ this year. It’s a fantastic chance for people who might’ve missed the original run but unfortunately it sometimes feels a little dated. An occasional reliance on tired sex jokes, and a lengthy gag on DVD commentary, doesn’t quite cut it 10 years later.

The show can also feel tonally confusing with a few random earnest covers breaking the comedy flow. While these songs are performed well, Adamczak is as talented a musician as comedian, they never quite feel necessary.

After one such tune, Adams remarks that ‘they don’t all have jokes’, and you can’t help but wish they did. Adams shines brightest when he’s being himself – he doesn’t need to pay tribute to other artists.

‘Love Songs For Future Girl’ is an endearing and captivating performance that kept the crowd in high spirits throughout. Hopefully for Zak, he’ll be as successful in love as he is in amusing Fringe festival crowds from now on.

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Funny songs about love.

Reviewed by Kate Fisher 2020

Having built an enormous reputation overseas, to the extent of becoming something of a cult institution in Canada, it's good to see Perth's Shane Adamczak aka Zack Adams utterly smashing it with his most assured hour of songs. He's road-hardened this show over a few years, and you can tell - it's got the kind of swagger and charm to it that only comes with experience, and he's become a very accomplished musician. This is an un-hate-able, completely adorable hour - it's sweet, comedically spiky and, even better, you get to see one of our own putting on a show at a world-beating level.

Reviewed by Tomás Ford 2020