Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2019

YUMMY Deluxe

Holy cow, what a show!

YUMMY Deluxe is not your average cabaret. Each performer, every element, is a cut above.

Drag queen extraordinaire Valerie Hex, is the perfect host. She is funny, warm, inclusive and gorgeous. She ties the whole show together seamlessly and sets the bar high for sheer stagecraft.

Internationally acclaimed burlesque artist Zelia Rose switches from seductive to comic to funky all night with seamless skill. We soon see why she is the only Australian ever to tour with the iconic Dita Von Teese.

Local singer Joni in the Moon has a commanding presence on stage, and that voice! She is a striking and powerful performer with great theatrical skill and emotional range.

Hula hoop heroine Hannie Helsden is hypnotic and her capacity for joy is infectious. The cliché about smiles lighting up rooms starts with her. She leaves no choice but to be happy.

Acrobat Jarred Dewey’s debut with the YUMMY crew was a spectacular show of strength and grace on the floor and in the air. What that man can’t do in heels – forget about it!

Underground queer club artist Jandruze is super sass one minute, elegant artistry the next. One of the (many) highlights of the show was Jandruze’s interpretive dance with veils under Joni’s vocal spell. It was a moment of beauty and relief from the chaos of life outside.

YUMMY Deluxe is a colourful celebration of the feminine in all its forms and genders. It is sexy but not exploitative – stunning costumes, lots of skin.

This cisgender straight male admits to going a little off script in admiring the human form last night. It’s kind of the point of the show – let’s drop the binary code and discovery the beauty.

Founder, choreographer and director of the show, James Welsby (aka Valerie Hex), take a bow. How did you take the best individual performers of their kind, and still deliver something greater than the sums of its parts?

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Paul McLeod

Paul McLeod studied literature and drama, and was a musician and actor, before he got sucked into a vortex of corporate communications and risk management that lasted 25 years. He has co-organised a couple of small music festivals, and recently won an award for world's worst band manager. Look out Fringe World, here he comes (creeping)!

Ticket Price 30 - 38

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 30 - 38
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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