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YUCK Circus


When I read the title ‘YUCK Circus’ I was expecting to go to a show filled with people being thrown across the room, maybe some hoops and a bit of fire but no no no, this was so much more. YUCK weren’t just throwing people around the room like a game of hot potato, they were throwing around women’s issues that occur every day.

This show should be called YUCK Circus/Comedy/Storytelling/Dance/The Greatest Show Ever because the ladies from YUCK certainly know how to please an audience in multiple different ways.

One moment I was jaw-dropping at the sight three people standing one on top of the other and the next I was bursting with laughter after hearing a very descriptive story about a certain menstruation situation.

This award-winning cast of elite circus artists brought their true stories of young Australian womanhood to the stage to delve into the topics of beauty standards and making the ‘gross’ as normal as it is entertaining, in an attempt to break the stigma. Did they succeed? YES! I love how YUCK were able to create the perfect balance of discussing serious topics, flying through the air and being disgustingly hilarious.

A show dabbling in a bit of everything, I can confidently say this was uniquely brilliant. Filled with sock-stuffed undies, fake moustaches and saturated in double standards, the women of YUCK had no trouble engaging the audience and simply entertaining.

I walked out of this show feeling extremely satisfied and forfilled. There’s something about watching a group of strong and independent chicks doing what they love and what they’re passionate about that leaves you in a state of ‘my mind is blown!’. This is a show that gives you a platform to reflect and then you’ll go back and see the show again. I know I will.

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Kelly on 08 Apr 2019

Brilliant show, fabulously funny as hell not to mention the circus talent. I definitely would go to see it again if I could

Penny on 02 Feb 2019

Brilliant show - a must-see. Great acrobatics and very clever comedy routines and songs

Zee on 08 Dec 2019

Really fantastic. The acts were polished, comedic and completely engaging. I couldn’t take my eyes off the performers. Each piece they did was poignant, spoke to the female experience, and completely empowered it. Would see this show twice if I could!


Review by Georgia Siciliano on 25 Jan 2019

Georgia is a lover of the arts in all its forms and shapes of glory. She is a musician, photography, artist, radio producer and writer which is what led her to the involvement of this year’s Fringe Fest! Georgia has been writing for Colosoul magazine for nearly 3 years now and is excited to be a part of the Fringe review team for 2018. If Georgia isn’t playing a gig, working at Voyage Kitchen café or chatting on the radio then you’ll most likely find her at the beach or sitting on the floor of her bedroom writing songs about heartbreak and couches (reference to her band’s album-titled song ‘Fancy Couch’, go like Belgrade on Facebook and follow them on Insta). Also check out Georgia’s creative project ‘The Cheeky Rascals’ which contains her photography, visual art and soon to be articles and more!

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