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Worship – The Gilded Edition

Journey to the dark underbelly of Perth cabaret, performance art, and avant-garde surrealism. Welcome to Worship – the Gilded Edition.

Foxglove Productions make a return to FRINGE WORLD after premiering Worship (the ungilded) last year.

Their works veer towards the dark, twisted, and uncomfortable – always a wild ride, never dull, never boring.

This year’s show – it is unnerving, captivating, glorious, and jarring, all concurrently. The music is industrial, gothic; overwhelming for a good portion of the runtime. It reaches down to the depths of the stomach, to the oldest parts of the brain, to the guttural/animalistic, yes/no, flight/fight reactions of the primordial ooze.

Almost all the aspects of a regular variety show are here, there’s circus, singing, and burlesque, with costuming to absolutely die for, but they’re not quite fitting right – as if the stage tipped 90 or 270 degrees, and even then, the horizon remained askew.

There is no MC to guide the audience in gently. This is high art, in capital letters. The acts are mournful, angular, jagged, obsessed. And it all works.

Is that character supposed to be minotaur or robot? Maybe both? Is that a sense of foreboding doom, or inspiration? It can be felt, the very essence of the performance, down to the marrow of bones. This is not something that can be switched off from for five minutes, then caught up with again easily. It requires engagement. It requires complicity.

The feeling that everything will crash down in an instant. That art is subversive, dirty, even ugly. A cabaret at the end of the world.

This will not be a show for everyone. This is not the one to take your group of random workmates to, nor the first ever Fringe show to suggest to a brand spanking newbie.

Some people love 2001: A Space Odyssey. Others love Twin Peaks. Worship is a visceral experience, defying linear explanation in much the same way.

Essie Foxglove, our High Priestess, alongside her collaborators and acolytes, bring these dark, beautiful visions to us, nailing them, every single time.

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Paul Meek

Voted Best Audience Member, Lady Velvet Cabaret 2019, Paul is a fixture of the Perth burlesque, cabaret, and circus scenes. He has attended more FRINGE WORLD shows than he's cooked hot dinners. From suburban newcomers to global headliners in Vegas, Paul has literally seen it all. Surprisingly, his first year reviewing.

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It is was sensual and beautiful, and Avant Garde performance art piece with various artists expressing their own performances and concepts of what worship can mean. It is not a structured story to be spoon fed to the audience, the performers respect the audience enough to draw our own conclusions with a heavy conceptual backing. If you're looking for someone to tell you a story or to see a traditional cabaret or burlesque show maybe not the show for you, but you will enjoy if you are open to new and unusual, poetic and otherworldly performances that stay in your thoughts for the days to vome

Reviewed by Erica 2020

A stunning lovechild of performance art and cabaret. Each act had you on edge, but clearly in a way that was intended, with the aim of challenging the audience to think and feel more, accompanied by a thumping soundtrack. You may not completely understand each performance you see, but you don't really need to as they blend together seamlessly in to one main overarching theme I worship this show with my body and mind.

Reviewed by Sal 2020