Fringefeed | 08 Feb 2018

When our Molecules Meet Again

Come along with master story teller and comedian Stuart Bowden as he has a light hearted look at the behaviour of the human race from an outsider’s perspective.

Using an overarching story of alien invasion Bowden’s solo performance invites us all to have a look at the shortsighted and self centered outlook of the average person.

And to reflect on the amount of time and effort we all spend worrying about the minutiae of our everyday activities while we turn a blind eye to the destruction of our environment and species.

Bowden plays with the contradiction on violence and things that make life worth living like love and companionship, delivering humour cleverly with a quite beautiful use of language.

As always the welcoming intimacy of The Blue Room’s black box theatre melded the audience into an appreciative collective ready to be entertained.

Our attention was captured right from the start as Bowden’s narrative, interspersed with music and singing, entertained and kept the audience chuckling throughout the show.

The lead up to the finale lacked the strength of the majority of the show, with the conclusion, which suggested a tongue in cheek unifying construct for improving the human race, not really providing any answers.

Bowden’s adroit delivery and comic timing are a definite highlight and make this show special.

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Julie Petersen

I love being part of the festival that is FRINGE WORLD and hope to inspire as many of you as possible to get out and soak up the atmosphere, to open yourselves to the range of experiences on offer, and enjoy Fringe 2019.

Ticket Price $23 - $28

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $23 - $28
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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