Fringefeed | 06 Feb 2020

Welcome to Japan

Throw out your Lonely Planet guide and delete your Trip Advisor app, Takashi is here to teach you all you need to know about Japan.

Over a fun filled hour, our stand up comedian host for the evening, Takashi, took the audience through all the essentials needed for a welcome to Japan – food, public transport, queuing etiquette and of course Japanese porn.

While the subject matter ebbed and flowed from being fairly G rated, to slightly more risqué, Takashi’s tone throughout the show remained approachable and fun. There was no pandering for laughs, with each joke landing easily and giving Takashi a great flow and rhythm with the audience early on.

Such was his rapport with us that by the 30-minute mark Takashi had the crowd in stitches with a simple Haiku poem. Never have 17 syllables been so funny.

Perhaps the cleverest element of this show however, was its ability to explore the oddities and unique elements of both Australian and Japanese culture, without ever coming across as mean spirited to either of them.

I left with the feeling that Takashi is truly an ambassador for both countries, always seeing the best in the people, history and customs.

While the laughs were plentiful and the show well constructed, I’d love to see just a little bit more finesse. At times long meandering gaps between jokes meant Takashi lost the audience, and then had to spend time reeling us back in.

The ending in particular went back and fourth between being a wrap up, and starting new jokes and segments.

This latter critique I’m fairly sure we can put down to Takashi simply overflowing with excitement and passion for his show, and so it’s very easy to overlook.

If you’re after for an easy to joy, warm spirited Fringe show, Welcome to Japan is for you. You’re sure to have a great laugh, and might even walk out with your next holiday booked.

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Giorgia Beasley

Giorgia is a professional pun writer and unprofessional parallel parker. She lives her life in a constant state of readiness for Julie Andrews to tell her she’s the Princess of Genova.

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Funny and dumb jokes about Japanese culture, really loved it! Great way to kick off the weekend. Not suitable for kids though, it gets a bit low brow.

Reviewed by Keely 2020

Welcome to Japan, I really enjoyed this show. We laughed a lot, not just about being Japanese but also being Australian! No flat spots. Lively adult humour.

Reviewed by Monika Tropiano 2020