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Maniacal facial expressions?  Check. Bonkers 80s house music? Check. Light up sneakers? Check. WE ARE IAN is Fringe to a T and will keep you mesmerised and mouth agape until the very end.

Fresh off the Edinburgh Fringe lineup, WE ARE IAN is a smorgasbord of high energy physical theatre, bright lights and visuals, and inventive storytelling – all working together to reminisce upon 80s British culture, from drug fuelled raves to the grim austerity of the Thatcher years.

As the show begins, three performers take to the stage clad in white overalls and neon light up sneakers, their hair styled in four futuristic buns. In front of them hangs a single light bulb, as the trio move closer it begins to flicker, and we hear the mumbling Mancunian voice of the mysterious ‘Ian’.

Like an omnipresent god, he relays to his eager followers what life was like in 1989 England, and they begin to emulate the culture Ian is describing.

The performers take us on a journey through Ian’s youth, from frantically scoffing digestive biscuits and rave dancing to punch-ups at the football and protesting Margaret Thatcher.

The show is electric in energy and hysterical to watch. The three performers and creators of the show, Nora, Dora and Kat, command physical theatre like I have never seen before.

Their choreography is high impact, high energy and at times completely bizarre. The show is full of exaggerated dancing, contorted lip syncing and powerful visuals that range from abstract colours to sobering historical footage.

Although centred upon UK culture, the creators have cleverly inserted some Australian and international themed footage into the looping visuals as to not totally alienate a non British audience.

While the powerful choreography and unique use of lighting and props is captivating, it is the subtle political commentary that makes WE ARE IAN so excellent.

Beneath the surface of exaggeration and caricature lies the grim reality of the 1980s, and the turbulent political times all too relatable to modern audiences.

WE ARE IAN will keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat.

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Natasha Cobby

I’m a huge Fringe time fan, and when I’m not watching copious amounts of film you’ll find me planning my next travel adventure. After graduating university at the beginning of this year, I’ve ventured into social media and marketing, and I’m excited to see which field I’ll explore next.

Ticket Price $25 - $27

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 - $27
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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