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Vogue: The Madonna Circus

The title Vogue: The Madonna Circus instantly intrigued me. Circuses are always fun, but can be brought to life with great music like Cirque du Soleil has done in the past with music by Michael Jackson and Elvis.

However, while the performers were very talented, this show could be enhanced with some live music.

Madonna has of course had some fantastic hits over the years including Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Vogue, Die Another Day, Holiday, Music and Express Yourself, which were all included in the show.

While Madonna’s original tracks played in the background, the performers showed off their amazing acrobatic skills and unbelievable flexibility.

With some of the songs they created a narrative based on a romantic couple, which was engaging and funny.

However, other songs seemed less thematically linked and there was not a clear transition between acts or order of song choices. They had some interesting costumes inspired by Madonna including light up clothing, big blonde hair and bling.

The highlight of the show was the World Champion and former Cirque du Soleil soloist, Felix Cane, who showed off her brilliant talents through pole dancing.

Some of the other circus acts included hanging from ropes and hoops and balancing on each other. In this intimate setting it is interesting to see up close.

For those who are fans of Madonna’s music and enjoy circuses you will definitely have fun.

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Ticket Price $21 - $30

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $21 - $30
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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