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Vintage Modern – Adam Hall And The Velvet Playboys

When was the last time a show had you dancing in your seat? Really going for it so hard, that perhaps your buttocks almost slid into your neighbour’s seat?

If you can’t remember it yet, it was too long ago and you’re due a visit to Vintage Modern – Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys.

With vintage takes on both modern and classic tunes, this show is a total winner for music lovers of all ages.

Kicking off with New Orleans style jazz, Hall, and the five-piece band backing him up, had the audience clapping along to a Prince classic almost instantly.

Between the hits ranging from yesteryear to yesterday, Vintage Modern also includes a handful of Hall’s original compositions.

With each song paying homage to a different style and era, it’s easy to see why Hall has become such a popular name in the local music scene.

Vintage Modern would, however, not be the fantastically entertaining hour it is without the band.

The multi-talented group seemingly effortlessly switch between instruments as and when a tune calls for it.

The absolute showstopper of the night though was keyboardist/clarinettist and Perth local Adrian Galante.

If not for the music, Vintage Modern is worth a visit just to see the incredible speed and accuracy of this young musician’s fingers.

When all eyes were on him, he was in the zone, busting out world-class jazz classics.

Understandably, both his solos were received with huge applause and roars of appreciation from the crowd.

As the show went on the hits kept coming. From Ray Charles to Meghan Trainor, no song was too out there for the group to put their jazzy spin on.

Only enhanced by Hall’s quick sense of humour, Vintage Modern is a great night out and a must-see for music lovers.

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Ticket Price 20 - 38

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 20 - 38
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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Great guys!! Looking forward to see them again!

Reviewed by Julia 2019