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Umar Azad – Halal? Is It Meat You’re Looking For?


Muslim funny man Umar Azad will take you on a night of fun and laughter with his show Halal? Is It Meat You’re Looking For? An up and coming star in the Perth comedy scene, Umar provides plenty of belly laughs with his experiences as a Bogan Orientated Muslim Brother (or BOMB for short).

His material focuses on his Pakistani, Muslim background and the struggles growing up in Australia with conflicting identities. Expect ethnic parent jokes, bad dance moves and impersonations that will leave you in stitches.

You don’t have to be Muslim or Pakistani to enjoy Umar’s comedy. It had an Australian vibe to it that the crowd could relate to. It may even be the first time you will witness a Halal shoey- that’s drinking Coca Cola out of a shoe for those unfamiliar with the term.

Umar explores sensitive topics including his Muslim faith in clever and hilarious ways. The fact that he isn’t shy to poke fun at himself and the things he holds dear makes his comedy even more appealing.

He shines throughout his set with his fantastic stage presence and laid-back nature. It makes you feel as if Umar is sharing jokes with friends, as he is such a natural on stage and with his audience interactions.

A nice addition to his show was the ironic choice of a pig-shaped swear jar. And yes, it got filled quite generously by Umar throughout the hour. He explains that he will be donating the money to Lifeline, that’s a worthy cause for all those swear words don’t you think?

This is a high energy, fast paced show that will have you roaring with laughter and wanting more.

Umar Azad is Perth’s rising comedy star, so keep your eyes peeled for more shows to come.

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Review by Nora Ball on 16 Feb 2019

Nora is a big fan of Fringe Festival, it’s her favourite time of year. During the day she works in an IVF clinic as a pharmacist and is a mum to a 1 year old girl. She is also a team member and blogger for Instagram page @loveperthlife.

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