Fringefeed | 12 Feb 2020

Troy Hawke: Tiles of The Unexpected

Troy Hawke is a fast-thinking, highly talented character who brings his unique flair to this fantastic comedy show. After eyeballing his audience on their way in, and welcoming people with a hard but not unfriendly stare, he walks onstage wearing an eccentric satin red dressing gown and a pink feather.

His character’s role is a little bit camp, and a little bit eccentric, a little bit weird, and very, very funny.

Hawke lives with his mum, and is trying to figure out how (and if!) he should fly the nest and make a life for himself. At the same time, Hawke is preoccupied with getting to the bottom of the wild conspiracy theories that plague his overactive mind.

He takes us on a journey of discovery and questioning, to uncover the truth behind the world’s biggest powers and corporations. Are the government lying to us? What does Scrabble have to do with IKEA? And can two under thinkers ever date successfully? All these questions and more Hawke intends to find the answers to.

The mark of a good comedian is one who can be funny without resorting to roasting their audience for cheap laughs. Hawke nails this spectacularly, selecting audience members out of the crowd for scrutiny and to help him out with parts of his routine, but he never makes them feel uncomfortable, even when some of our crowd made undoubtably funny mishaps such as forgetting how to count.

A standout feature of the show are Hawke’s accents, which are simply phenomenal! From Hawke’s very forced and very funny posh British accent, to his spot on imitations of Perth colloquialisms, his earnest voices carry the show and keep us intrigued and entirely invested in where his crazy ideas will go, even after nearly an hour.

Be sure to catch this show before it ends; you really are missing something special if you don’t!

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I love concerts so much I became a concert reviewer, so I wouldn't be constantly broke from buying tickets. When I’m not at a gig or working, I enjoy night drives and watching reruns of Seinfeld. This FRINGE WORLD, I will be trying to catch as much comedy, burlesque and cabaret as humanly possible!

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Reviewed by Bozena Harvey 2020

Troy Hawke is a comedic genius. One flick of his feather brings a new wave of hilarious story-telling, wild conspiracy theories that you actually start to believe and hecklers are shot down with quick, undeniably funny magic that leaves his moustache framed mouth as quick-witted one-liners. I forgot the world and was fully absorbed in his 60 minute show and didn't want it to end. If you're looking for proper belly laughs that nearly make you pee then Troy is the bloke for you.

Reviewed by Chloe Nash 2020