Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2020


Tiramisu takes you on a hilarious expedition to the land of pizza, pasta and the Pope.

Michael Burgos will cast your imagination from the laid-back life in Perth to a nifty and side-splitting scramble around Italy. It is a fun, light-hearted and engaging spectacle that showcases the highs and lows of travelling in Europe.

He brushes with pick-pocketing, wine, religion, art and fashion, with a twist of course. Anyone who has journeyed to Italy will understand entirely.

The American performer understands the Italian culture, understands how to have fun and most importantly understands his audience.

His connection with the audience is unparalleled. He is an amazing entertainer who breaks the fourth wall so subtly. He has the ability to connect with every single person in the room and personally engages with each one.

His fashion modelling scene was hysterical and definitely a crowd favourite. The lighting, music and costumes really helped to pull off this scene. Another exceptional scene was the grape stomp where he flung Ping-Pong balls (grapes) into the audience. He tosses pizza, dons a cross and slurps on some spaghetti within the 50-minute bonanza. He also manages to mime and sing his way through the canals of Venice on his imaginary gondola.

The way he uses space on stage is truly phenomenal. He embodies this contagious energy that could make even the gloomiest of people crack a smile.

Quick costume changes, the high level of engagement and lust for Italy makes this show worth seeing.

Apart from being a famous dessert, tiramisu means ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’ in Italian and that is exactly what this show has the ability to do.

It is cheerful, charming and cheap. If you can’t afford to buy a ticket to Italy, buy a ticket to Tiramisu, it is almost as good!

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Briana Fiore

Briana Fiore is a harmonica playing, pizza loving, Journalist from the South West. Her most recent adventures include teaching in Italy, studying in Spain and writing in the same cafe that JK Rowling started Harry Potter. She supports local gigs and often dreams of a world where Dumbledore lived on.

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End Date 16 Feb 2020

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  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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What a charming gem of a show. Loved all the silliness throughout and the songs were surprisingly good. I wish the show could have been twice as long!

Reviewed by Sara 2020

So fun! Perfect way to 'take a trip' and get away for about an hour

Reviewed by Maddie 2020