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The setting may be modest and intimate (one man on a mostly bare stage), but the storytelling and characterisations in Thunderstruck are larger than life.

Written and performed by David Colvin, Thunderstruck tells the coming of age story about a schoolboy who learns the bagpipes, his team’s rise through the ranks in the world of competitions and his encounter with Gordon Duncan, the man who change the world of traditional bagpiping when he used the instrument to play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

For anyone who isn’t of Scottish heritage (or those of us who only learned the recorder during our schooling years), this is a fascinating insight into Scotland’s iconic musical instrument, what it represents to them culturally and to some personally.

Thunderstruck is thematically rich – pursuing an unpopular passion, challenging traditions, and brief moments having lasting impacts – with a rollercoaster of emotions, from the joyous moments of winning a bagpiping competition to the heartbreakingly devastating bullying done to David just moments later.

It may be worth your while to take along a tissue or two.

The talented Colvin carries and embodies the emotional weight of the story with aplomb; he is such an intensely engaging storyteller, and his ability to quickly switch between characters during lightning fast conversations without causing confusion is impressive to watch.

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Reviewed by Tara Kennedy 2020

* good story well told!! 😀

Reviewed by Alasdair MacKerron 2020