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The Surrealist Ball – Dali Land Exhibition Opening Night

What better way to begin a Fringe binge than to be immersed in the weird subversive world of Salvador Dali.

The legendary surrealist is the perfect artist to embody the spirit of FRINGE WORLD, and Dali Land is an exhibition that will excite both art fans and interested voyeurs.

Guests arrived at the Surrealist Ball an array of fabulous outfits.

There were lobsters perched precariously on top of heads, elaborate masks, and stunning costumes that created an atmosphere of decadence.

As guests sipped on drinks and enjoyed canapés, sections of the exhibition were revealed whilst performers graced the stage and floor merging the visuals arts with live performance to provide a completely immersive journey.

At the beginning of the night, Thomas Worrell gave a dizzying acrobatic display within a birdcage.

Then later one of the performers from Club Briefs showed the audience why plastic tarp was covering the dance floor by performing in a large water-filled champagne glass.

Singer and songwriter Abbe May also took to the stage to give an alluringly rocking set.

The Dali Land exhibition stretches over four levels of Metro City enticing the visitor to discover the hidden treasures that are laid out in concealed spaces or shown in plain sight.

Whether it be the VR experience that invited the user into Dali’s famous artworks, his photographs, drawings or woodcuts, each was a fascinating discovery.

Also included in the exhibition is Unconscious Contemporary a collection of works by other surrealists including Max Ernst, Man Ray and René Magritte that is an absolute must see.

Then to finish the ball guests were invited to ‘the rooftop where time stops’, the Surrealist Salon. The Salon will feature performers, singers, and other artists throughout the night to provide the perfect nightcap.

Dali Land is a rare opportunity to see into the wild and fantastical mind of Salvador Dali that will delight those who are willing to fall down the rabbit hole.

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Melanie Griffiths

Melanie is often found left of stage, earplugs in, and notes out at live concerts and events. A music writer and reviewer who writes for several publications, she brings her passion for music, the arts and Perth to the FRINGE WORLD team.

Ticket Price $11 - $22

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $11 - $22
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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