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The Paul Simon Experience

Picture this. De Parel Spiegeltent, an empty stage. A video screen with flickering scenes from the 1960s. JFK’s inauguration. The Vietnam war. Martin Luther King’s oratory. The Beatles. Tragedy in Dallas November 1963. All the hope and promise and utter disillusionment.

Then onto the stage, strumming his guitar, the bare-footed troubadour, Dan Clews, launching into Paul Simon’s hymn to alienation and despair, The Sound of Silence.

A signal beginning to an exhilarating performance, journeying down through the years of Paul Simon’s career – snippets, film clips and anecdotes linking the songs. From the early days as a struggling folk singer, to international success as part of the duo with Garfunkel, and finally his return to solo performances with perhaps even greater albums than those with Art, this show takes the audience through the stages of Paul Simon’s life.

English singer and songwriter, Dan Clews (praised for his performances by both Tim Minchin and Sir George Martin), has a relaxed and laid-back style and stage presence. And with a voice that has some of Simon’s sound, and more than a little of that of James Taylor, he captured the attention of the audience from that first uplifting solo and held it throughout the hour long show.

Paul Simon has one of the great American song books and Dan has picked out some of the most classic and instantly recognizable songs, along with a couple not so well known, to illustrate his story.

Equally at home singing such emotional ballads as The Boxer and the up-tempo hand clapping numbers – think Me and Julio (Down by the Schoolyard) – Dan Clews has constructed a refreshing and unreservedly enjoyable act that will enthuse all lovers of the music of Paul Simon and his era.

For me, this is another must see show at FRINGE WORLD – and grab a copy of Dan’s CD when you leave – it is a beauty, too.

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A regular at FRINGE WORLD and reviewer in 2019 and 2020, with my own blog and Instagram page, Perth Café Culture, specialising in reviews of wine and restaurants around town, also reviewing concerts and other events. Written, too, for the Swan Valley website promoting the attractions of the region.

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Excellent guitar playing

Reviewed by Jen Townsend 2020