Fringefeed | 02 Feb 2018

The Naked Magicians

Any prestidigitator can tell you that an important part of legerdemain is to distract the audience. Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler have found an excellent way to distract us: they make their clothes disappear!

If it were not for their style, their magic tricks would be kind of ordinary; mostly card tricks, although there was a segment involving destroying some fake mobile telephones, and escaping from straight jackets. (Well, one of them was a gay jacket.)

Their slogan is, “Sleeves Up, Pants Down.” Looked like there was nothing up those sleeves. And they did get nude by the end, but it was 40 minutes into the 70-minute show before their shirts vanished.

An important part of their act is humour. Their magician’s patter, some of which was clearly improvised, was hilarious. There was also lots of audience participation, with embarrassed and laughing punters joining the Naked Magicians on the stage.

Embarrassed, but the participants looked like they were having fun. These guys occasionally use “adult” language, but one has the sense that they’re both charming, good-natured gentlemen. Ribald, sexy, funny; yes, yes, yes, but not humiliating.

Another important part of their act is their incidental music. The Regal Theatre’s own sound technicians and sound system did a great job delivering The Naked Magicians’ throbbing soundtrack.

Their own website describes them as an “R-Rated Magic Show,” and by the end of the show, there they were in full-frontal Naked Magician mode, dancing nude, with an orgasmic explosion of confetti.

What you see is what you see! No magic, but two handsome, friendly (and naked) Australian magicians.

Good on you guys for staying around afterwards for a meet ‘n’ greet and photos.

The Regal Theatre has 700 seats in the main stalls, and about 80-90% of them were filled. The Naked Magicians perform there until February 3.

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Doc Clary performed in some of the most fun and obscure bands in the Pilbara and the NT before settling in Perth. Doc has been a FRINGE WORLD binger since its inception.

Ticket Price $25.50 - $79.50

End Date 03 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25.50 - $79.50
  • End Date 03 Feb 2018
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