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The Honeymoon Suite

What do you get if you mix a bit of photography installation, with adept live dance, and a dash of lighting design? Oh, and throw in some 80’s music, ice cream, shirtless men with bowties, and fitness trampolines: then you have yourself an impressive paradoxical show about pop-culture and gender, amongst other things.

The Honeymoon Suite presented by Bernadette Lewis is a multilayered, artistic exhibition that explores contemporary culture for all its worth and downfalls. Lewis is a graduate of WAAPA’s honours program and has worked with an array of companies including Buzz Dance Theatre, STRUT Dance, Chunky Move, and The Last Great Hunt.

As you walk into The Gallery and Paper Mountain, the neon pink design splashes around the space. The staunch dancing duo, Laura Boynes and Tanya Brown, were engrossed in grotesque wresting that was at such a gradual, controlled tempo that is was enthralling to watch. Their movements were weighty, yet light, and extremely controlled.

After taking my eyes of the dancers, I noticed the images displayed around the space and inside the dainty program. The photography installation was tonal with a binary of colours in use: blue and pink. They evoke an eerie mood, especially the collection in the bathtub as it juxtaposes the two hues in a shady, mysterious bathroom. As the pink, bathtub water – comparable to our Lake Hillier (WA) – reflects the neon blue sign that reads ‘boys, boys, boys’, it sets an unnerving contrast between the two sexes.

Working with a clear feminine aesthetic, it’s clear that the creative team behind The Honeymoon Suite have assertions they wish to explore and detail, particularly surrounding gender.

This piece couldn’t be more timely, even if Lewis titled it ‘2018’; with the inequality and unjust acts that take place between sexes, across the globe, The Honeymoon Suite stands in the face of such prejudice and explores the binary genders with farcical and precise Choreography.

Are you up for a holistic night of art? This is the production that will entertain, evoke contemplations, and leave you dancing…quite literally.

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Gregory Ryan

Gregory Ryan is the founder of The Theatre Diary, and for many years, he regularly critics professional theatre from Perth's best theatre companies. Gregory has written, produced, and performed in original Fringe World Festival productions; his most recent production received critical acclaim, including 4.5 stars from the West Australian.

Ticket Price $25

End Date 05 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 05 Feb 2018
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