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The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival


If you have not seen the films the performances are based on, this will be the strangest introduction to them. I would therefore suggest, in classic early 2000s style, popping out to the video store and renting the movies.

The title of this show truly does not lie; it is a literal one (sometimes two) person re-enactment of the chosen movie. For my event it was The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Playing her cards right, Nicola Macri leans into her audience humour, proving that there is (a sold out) audience for these niche performances. Almost like a group therapy session, Macri throws the audience back into the midst of early 2000s, to the height of Hillary Duff’s heyday.

Jam-packed full of millennial absurdity, this show really speaks to those who grew up in the 2000s. If anything, it demonstrates how a group of millennials can come together and truly bond over one shared similarity.

The audience interaction was perhaps the best I have ever experienced at a Fringe show. Macri consensually invites the audience to play along, generating an animated atmosphere.

To allow the show to progress, Macri does not force the audience to participate, but rather uses the participation as a way to add a bit of extra spice to the already compelling performance.

Macri has a natural talent for not just surviving but gliding through technical errors. As seen by her unfazed approach to her malfunctioning microphone, Macri utilises the opportunity to show off her natural talent for quick reactionary humour.

Nicola Macri is also performing Cadet Kelly (‘now with overt lesbianism’) and A Cinderella Story.

This is a festival celebrating the achievements of Hillary Duff, so if you attend one performance you can receive discounted ticket to another night (yay, budget friendly!).

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Review by Emma Brand on 24 Jan 2019

Emma is back in action for round two at FringeFeed. She enjoyed it so much last year, she is now sporting a fringe herself! Now armed and ready with a Bachelor’s degree, Emma is relying on her humour and zany attitude to fumble her way through more adult life.

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