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The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival

Nicola Macri is wicked clever.

It would have been easy for a film degree alumna of Nicola’s standing to savage The Lizzie McGuire Movie. But instead, she savours every minute of this Disney Channel original.

By retelling the story with both the enthusiasm of the young teenager the film was made for, and the dry humour of the slightly cynical millennial she is, Nicola has created a loveable comedy show in The Hillary Duff Film Re-enactment Festival.

The balance of this enthusiasm and cynicism is key.

It allows for a huge amount of fun in singing and dancing along to all the best bits of the movie, while also giving Nicola the opportunity to perform some hysterically funny bits around the film’s mountain of plot holes and questionable character development.

The very 2020 “roast” of Paulo, for example, is a particular highlight fans of The Lizzie McGuire Movie can look forward to.

It’s Nicola’s relaxed and easy to enjoy style of comedy that made her a big hit with the crowd. From the moment she stepped on stage, she truly had the audience wrapped around her little finger.

Where other shows may struggle for audience participation, how eager Nicola makes the audience to be involved is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this show.

From adopting the roles of supporting characters, to participating in surprise quizzes, to full blown sing-alongs; there’s nothing the audience won’t do. If anything, the enthusiasm just grows throughout the show, until people can’t hold back from yelling out the next iconic line.

While the show’s budget may be low, with a toy scooter taking the place of a Vespa and a Babybell cheese replicating a 10kg wheel, Nicola’s talent and warm interactions with the audience more than make up for it. Her passion and commitment to the show are enough to transport you to Rome along with Lizzie McGuire and her posse.

If you loved the movie in 2003, you’ll love this “Re-enactment Festival” even more.

To put it simply, this show is what dreams are made of.

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Ticket Price 25

End Date 30 Jan 2020

  • Ticket Price 25
  • End Date 30 Jan 2020
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This is the ultimate experience for any “Duff-Buff” who is open to noticing the political incorrectness of the films of the early 2000s in a way that makes you bust a gut laughing. This is by far my favourite item I’ve seen at fringe and honestly thinking of stalking Nicola to Adelaide just to witness the magic again. #justiceforhelga.

Reviewed by Lucy 2020