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The Cockburn Incident

The Cockburn Incident is a hilarious high school drama nostalgia trip sending audiences back to the days of stinky tuna sandwiches and overhead projectors.

This modern whodunit combines The Godfather and Summer Heights High to explore the intricacies of school-yard politics in the face of frivolous teenage problems.

Audiences are greeted at the cosy venue with tuckshop snacks and classic teen anthems from Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. The show starts off with a bang as the cast leaps into a melodramatic high school crime scene leaving audiences clutching to their sides with laughter.

The Cockburn Incident encapsulates the early 2000s with throwback references to early-morning TV, Zooper Doopers, and Shrek.

Thrust back to a time when locker room meet-ups at recess was the best way to pick up a girl, the show embodies the awkward growing pains of teen romance, friendship in the face of adversity and bananas—lots of bananas.

What really makes this show shine is the craftsmanship behind the whacky scenes. Each character, a caricature of a schoolie we once knew, is hysterically portrayed by the cast.

From the big burly—but harmless—meathead, to the overachieving School Prefect with a speech impediment, the cast is comical and endearing.

The script is an actor’s dream come true with elements of drama, mystery and even a touching moment between father and son. Following a story arc that is sure to blow your socks off, audience members were left feeling limber with elation. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Donning a talented cast—including a talking cat dealing with an existential crisis— The Cockburn Incident is a clever display of the young talent coming out of Perth.

We look forward to seeing The Cockburn Incident on a bigger scale at FRINGE WORLD in 2019.

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Ticket Price 16 - 18

End Date 03 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price 16 - 18
  • End Date 03 Feb 2018
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