Fringefeed | 02 Feb 2018

Tessa Waters: Volcano

With everything that is going on in the world today, it’s not unreasonable that Tessa has been thinking about the apocalypse.

Whether it’s climate change, the US and North Korea sizing up their buttons, or simply whether the environment can withstand us, the possibilities of the end of the world are endless.

Rather than stick with the doom and gloom, Tessa took to the stage and did a fantastic job brightening up an unfortunately drab venue.

She’s unashamedly herself and wasted no time in beginning to list the reasons why she should be the first person we eat if the apocalypse was to hit now.

While Tessa is not my usual choice of comedian, she did not fail to entertain and her show is a great option for a girls night out.

Playing off the truths of our lives, she doesn’t shy away from any of the difficult topics, whether it be her body, being a woman, the unfortunate experience of forgetting someone’s name, or even what it’s like to be a guy.

Full of fun and laughter, Tessa broke up her pros and cons with anecdotes and songs, going off on tangents that made me feel like I was at a girls’ night with friends.

She managed to pull off exercise gear and a fringed, sequinned, bedazzled jacket with such an air of confidence it was inspiring to see a woman so unashamedly herself.

If Tessa herself wasn’t already inspiring, she spent her show telling the story of her great-grandmother, who in a time where women had even less respect than we have today, managed to overcome some incredible obstacles and have a life like no other (which is now remembered in the National Library of Australia).

In a story that includes three volcanic eruptions, idiotic exploits, and an old-timey camera, it’s no surprise that Tessa has turned into the woman she is today with ancestors like she had.

The story blended well with her unique brand of comedy and dance as she lightened what is usually a dark and dreary subject.

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Amy is a freelance developer, who spends her time volunteering at various community events in Perth, works as an evangelist for YOW! and is a Twilio Champion. In her spare time, she blogs about tech, the web and life and speaks at various conferences all over the world.

Ticket Price $22 - $27

End Date 04 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $22 - $27
  • End Date 04 Feb 2018
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