Fringefeed | 12 Feb 2020

Tall Poppies – Pop Till You Drop

Identical twins Susan and Catherine Hay took to the stage at Four5Nine Bar at the Rosemount Hotel and immersed the crowd in their delightful, melodic, harmonious, whimsical pop tunes.

Now based in London, Susan and Catherine are originally from Perth and it seemed as though a good portion of the assembled throng were family members. This certainly helped counteract the challenges of a 7pm Monday time slot.

The mood was relaxed and frivolous – the girls clearly enjoying themselves and being on stage together. For most of the hour long set it was just the two of them and an electric guitar and an electric bass – which they occasionally swapped. Later in the set they were joined by Jonathon on drums and also had a couple of guests for individual songs.

Susan and Catherine are tall and the music poppy but the catchy tunes, perfect diction and beautiful harmonies disguise a nicely observed edge to some of their songs. The theme of the evening was billed as ‘heartaches and mini breaks’ but the mood was very much upbeat.

A couple of highlights for me were ‘Now’ – I want to see you now – can’t wait for Friday night, and ‘Suzy’, a song Catherine wrote when the twins were living on different continents and she realized it was a lot easier to get a gig with her sister!

The Tall Poppies have an eye-catching look with the sharp wardrobe choices of Susan and Catherine adding greatly to the visual appeal of the band.

The sad thing is that Monday night was the only gig for the sisters this month in WA but, born and bred in Perth, we can be pretty sure they will be back.

Susan and Catherine have an almost telepathic understanding on stage, playing, singing and moving in glorious harmony. A very enjoyable gig all round.

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