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Suns of Fred

Suns of Fred explode onto the stage with a fresh hi-energy, hilarious non-stop show.

If you want ‘the time of your life’, treat yourself and try your hardest to catch Suns of Fred, when they are in town. They are five-star entertainment all the way.

They are a local comedy/musical/dance trio who have stormed the international comedy circuit with their action-packed, heady mix of fun.

Nothing is safe from these good-looking boys, especially anyone sitting in the front row.

Suns of Fred parody the unexpected and move in a way that will make your jaw drop with admiration. The line “It was so good, I almost peed my pants!” sums it up. It was very clever, funny, slick and professional.

This energetic threesome, Mickey J, Sly, and Fox, playfully act as foils to each other’s personas, buffooning and jesting throughout the show – just lads having a great time.

They were like a boy band on steroids. High school friends, they have been performing together for over ten years and their chemistry is magic.

These lads dance, mime and can hold harmonies like you cannot believe, they can really sing.

The content was risqué but never off, just very funny. Songs included a homage to Naturopaths, bread, ‘Side Boob’, a take on Lady Gaga with ‘Smoker Face’, ’Wing Man’ and Ginuwine’s classic ‘Pony’.

It was sheer pleasure to hear their voices and watch them move around the tiniest stage I have ever seen, all perfect synchronicity. Hilarious and impressive they captivated the audience.

This show had lots of fresh material since I last saw them, and I won’t ruin it because I never saw it coming, but when it is Fox’s ‘time to shine’ at the end of the show the audience went wild.

It was a riot – don’t miss it!

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Ticket Price $30

End Date 18 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $30
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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