Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2018


What a delight. Billed as the “sticky-sweet solution to your millennial crisis”, I was expecting something perhaps a little too saccharine for my liking or, ahem, demographic.

But no, the all-female, pop-tastic cabaret, Sugar, is everything Fringe should be  about.

You’re in a circus tent. There’s song, there’s dance, there’s ridiculous puns; there’s shimmery fabrics and sequins. You’re engaged and thoroughly entertained.

The sound and script was on point. The script! No, really, it was pretty special.

The actors, hilarious and gorgeous at the same time – each given their moment to shine via their respective craft.

It carries a beautiful message. Shining the spotlight on the power of social media to destroy self-esteem, it’s a fabulous little ditty about regaining self-belief.

As a non-millennial, non-parent of a teenage girl (or boy), I still found it moving and so, so important.

You really do come out – a) smiling and b) thinking every female human should see this. But it’s not just for the girls. The guys – and fully-grown men in the audience – were applauding and cheering the whole way through.

Get your tutu on and be who you’ve always wanted to be.

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Jeanette Muscat

Jeanette is a Perth-based copywriter and editor, and self-confessed word-nerd. Through her copywriting and editing business, Little pink typewriter, she works with clients and collaborators to create content, print or digital products. She is a regular blogger for Perth social and lifestyle website, Perth Uncommon. An avid music, film and arts hound, she has written live music and theatre reviews for former Brisbane-based street press, Rave magazine, and now writes film reviews for AB Film Review in Perth.

Ticket Price $15 - $23

End Date 06 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $15 - $23
  • End Date 06 Feb 2019
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