Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2020

Stories From The Heart

Brilliant! Strap yourself in for 120 minutes of emotional exhilaration with authentic heartfelt storytelling, told live on stage. Like a Formula 1 race car, Stories From The Heart sprints zero to 60 on an emotional scale.

Twelve ordinary people shared extraordinary personal stories of joy, grief, love, loss, fear, intrigue, playfulness and wonder in short succession on the stage at SFTH.

It was a smörgåsbord of entertaining, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking, original stories. Some in the show were professional performers, most were not, but each shared something inspiring and moving.

“I never expected to be crying tears of joy in the first story only to burst out laughing the next minute – it was a magic night”

The host, Lisa Evans, The Story Midwife, had handpicked the speakers and curated the show to get a perfect mix of stories – light and shade, quirky and poignant. Timing was strict, six minutes to deliver each story, so no rambling.

Each storyteller easily connected with the audience through some part of their story and took us on an unexpected journey. Evan’s promised and delivered a roller coaster of emotions. Each of us experiencing a rich kaleidoscope of reactions that bound us in our vulnerability and sheer humanness.

Stories From The Heart is like a big box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Each of the 10 featured speakers, and one internationally acclaimed poet, were personally introduced by Evans, creating a deeper connection with the audience. The atmosphere was welcoming with good audience support and involvement.

A wild card was the opportunity to ‘put your name in the hat’ and do a three-minute, unrehearsed, ‘pop-up’ story. Two audience members were brave enough to do that and their participation added to the richness of the night’s entertainment.

The show would suit anybody, it was inclusive, provocative, unoffensive and catered to all demographics. If you are curious and love to listen and relate to others, then this is the perfect show to see. All profits raised from the show and book sales of the SFTH donated to the bush fire appeal.

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A wonderful night of stories that everyone touched me and I could relate all of them within my own life. Such a roller coaster of emotions with each story. Cant wait till the next one.

Reviewed by Sue Arthurs 2020

I had an awesome night listening to truly vulnerable stories from the heart which had me cry and laugh throughout. The art of these amazing storytellers left me inspired and I highly recommend it. An unforgettable night out - thank you!

Reviewed by GG Frantz 2020