Fringefeed | 12 Feb 2018

Stick Em Up

Set in the deserts of the Wild Wild West, Stick ‘Em Up! Is the latest venture from the Les Sataniques go go troupe.

With an array of western inspired characters from cowboys to actual cows, the Satanique ladies and their guests entertain the patrons of Hell’s Deep saloon.

The show kicks off with a bang, the music is loud, the costumes are electric, and the audience is given a taster of what’s heading their way with an opening group number.

The host and saloon owner welcomes the audience in with her soft southern drawl and playful riffing, setting the tone for the acts to come.

Before the Sataniques take to the stage, we are treated to a few amusing character appearances who do an excellent job of providing some giggles and warming up the audience for the ladies’ solo appearances.

I wanted so desperately to love the Sataniques girls. As each one took to the stage to perform a solo burlesque act, I was ready to be dazzled.

No doubt about it, the girls look great, the costuming is exceptional, and the musical choices are charged and cinematic – but alas, their performances were just too safe for a Wild West themed burlesque show.

The show is polished and the performers are skilled, but the burlesque acts lack oomph and pizazz, and as the foundation of the show, they have to deliver.

The characterisation of their acts seemed purely aesthetic – what was lacking was fully fleshed out personalities and shticks, inventive and amusing ways of removing outfits, and a host of western gimmicks that could have been utilised.

The potential was there and the atmosphere of the show was hot with anticipation, but frustratingly, the energy of the burlesque didn’t quite match up to the guest performers.

The show is still an entertaining ride and a mesmerising experience visually and aurally, the acts exude stage presence and the theme is kitsch and cute.

A performance so close to being excellent, Stick ‘Em Up! is all western and a little bit wild.

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Natasha Cobby

I’m a huge Fringe time fan, and when I’m not watching copious amounts of film you’ll find me planning my next travel adventure. After graduating university at the beginning of this year, I’ve ventured into social media and marketing, and I’m excited to see which field I’ll explore next.

Ticket Price $25 - $30

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 - $30
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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