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Take a step (or three or four) away from the conventionally elegant, leotard clad acrobatic shows of Fringe, and you might just find yourself at SPIT.

Blending superb skills in circus and performance art, this one-woman show by Angelique “Reckless” Ross takes the audience on a twisting, turning journey.

The acrobatic elements of SPIT are second to none.

While there may not be the flourish and showmanship you’d expect from an award-winning acrobat, it’s how Ross uses her talent to present the darker themes of brutality, addiction and violence that makes this show so unique.

From tightrope walking (in high heels I might add), to trapeze tricks to blending tomatoes, you’ll be simultaneously holding your breath for her life and wanting more as SPIT takes you on an ever unexpected ride.

Very loosely shaped around the tale of a murder, the show is at points exceptionally odd and younger members of the crowd may find it hard to grasp meaning.

At one point Ross embarked on a lengthy monologue exclaiming her hatred of suits. While it was delivered flawlessly and decorated with impressive physical feats, to the average viewer it lacked context within the show and was only loosely tied in at the show’s close.

Despite these oddities, Ross very quickly had the audience wrapped around her little finger. She’s an exceptionally strong performer, and her stage presence draws in the crowd, seemingly effortlessly.

SPIT represents great opportunity to see a seasoned performer and Homegrown Hero in something truly unique and original that you’ll still be thinking about and mulling over the next day.

Even if just to try something new and expand your Fringe horizons, you won’t regret a trip to SPIT.

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Ticket Price 16 - 25

End Date 16 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price 16 - 25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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