Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2020

Speed: The Movie, The Play

This is definitely for fans of the 1994 film Speed and Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves.

Although the bus does not leave the car park, the show is highly interactive with each audience member taking part in the performance in some way as they re-enact key scenes from Speed, including some of the cheesy dialogue and famous quotes.

But do not be scared off by the level of interaction if you are introverted, as they provide cue cards with short lines and guide you through the narrative. Each person plays a small role but adds to the overall ambiance, and you never know when you may be called upon.

The humour is consistent throughout by the wonderful team of actors but to make the show even better it is important to get into it as an audience member.

Everyone is in the same boat (or bus in this case) so there is no judgement of individuals. In fact, the more involved you are the more your co-audience members will enjoy the show too.

This one-hour parody not only mocks the film’s plot and Keanu Reeve’s well-known voice, but pokes fun at its own low budget and requires you to use your imagination. Some props include a fake tree, bloody body parts, fabric elevator, cardboard train, mini helicopters, cut out signage, a baby doll, powder, and silhouette projections.

The accents were a bit sloppy, but it works with the charm of the play. If you are looking for a fun night filled with clean laughter, this is the FRINGE WORLD show for you.

Good luck keeping a straight face during this experience.

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Reviewed by Skilton Catfish 2020

My partner and i had amazinG time. Very funny show.

Reviewed by Emily 2020