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Songwriting with Good Lighting

If the perfect Fringe experience for you is an intimate, heartfelt show filled with storytelling, songs and the wholesome friendship of Georgina Cramond and Saskia Fleming, then this is the show for you!

The venue choice was perfect in adding to the intimacy of the show, with the space being relatively small in allowance of only a limited audience capacity. This was a perfect environment for the girls to recount personal experiences and stories. Some were devastating, some hilarious, some sad and some very relatable, all of which were presented through song and dialogue. The group dynamics between the performers, including a guest appearance from John Harvey as guitarist, was extremely tight. This was evident in the body language of the performers, the affectionate post-song hugs and the smooth transitions of the back and forth dialogue.

Songwriting With Good Lighting was a show so true to the name, in that it was clear to see the girls had put a lot of emphasis on the heart-warming lighting design and of course one of their avenues for storytelling; songwriting. The selection of original songs were so well written and very enjoyable to listen to.

The friendship between the two performers was a theme that tied all elements of the show together and created such a wholesome, warm fuzzy feeling for the audience. The inclusion of free tea and bickies in the break as well as the close-nit relationship between audience and performer was inviting and made the audience feel somewhat connected to everything that was happening around them.

The reference of the #MeToo campaign was really great to see and made you respect the performers even more for being able to raise the topic directly but not in an uncomfortable and confrontational manner. The delivery was incredible as was the Welcome to Country before the show began.

This show is an ode to friendship and will make you laugh A LOT, possibly tear up a little, smile like crazy and leave you with a beautiful warm feeling inside. This is a must see!

Last show 25th of February.

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Georgia Siciliano

Georgia is a lover of the arts in all its forms and shapes of glory. She is a musician, photography, artist, radio producer and writer which is what led her to the involvement of this year’s Fringe Fest! Georgia has been writing for Colosoul magazine for nearly 3 years now and is excited to be a part of the Fringe review team for 2018. If Georgia isn’t playing a gig, working at Voyage Kitchen café or chatting on the radio then you’ll most likely find her at the beach or sitting on the floor of her bedroom writing songs about heartbreak and couches (reference to her band’s album-titled song ‘Fancy Couch’, go like Belgrade on Facebook and follow them on Insta). Also check out Georgia’s creative project ‘The Cheeky Rascals’ which contains her photography, visual art and soon to be articles and more!

Ticket Price $20

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $20
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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