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Simon Taylor – Right Now

Comedian, singer and magician Simon Taylor’s show Right Now, blends together a quirky performance style.

Constantly travelling and performing in Australia and America has put Simon in a number of amusing situations that are depicted in this autobiographical snapshot of recent years.

Simon’s quick wit and ability to come up with improvised one-liners continued to impress throughout the show.

Rather than hiding behind the microphone, as some comedians as known for doing, Simon is unafraid to take a moment to acknowledge the audience and riff off of unexpected situations. Some of which turned into gags that became recurrent highlights throughout.

A likeable performer, Simon brings forth a number of different skills that make this show unique.

It should be acknowledged that being able to effectively combine these skills, whilst maintaining a coherent structure, is no easy task.

Whilst narratively connected, this show was essentially created in two sections; the first consisting of more typical stand-up with the second portion relying on the audience for content.

Unfortunately, this second section was not as polished as the rest of the show and felt repetitious.

The show does contain occasional profanity and therefore may not be appropriate for everyone. In general, however, this show works with clean and intellectual humour.

Anecdotes, (both fact and fiction), combined with music and a touch of magic create a unique show.

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Tom Bednall

A lover and participant of the arts his entire life, Tom Bednall naturally has been a Fringe fanatic since learning of the festival’s existence. Having worked backstage on a number of productions in recent years Tom is looking forward to viewing, reviewing and sharing a whole host of new and amazing shows in 2019.

Ticket Price $30

End Date 20 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $30
  • End Date 20 Jan 2019
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