Fringefeed | 16 Feb 2019

Silence of the Labia

Nervous and not sure what to expect, one might wonder what to make of a show entitled Silence Of The Labia. Written and presented by Simone Springer, with assistance from the lovely Miss Lady V, the show has fingers in both comedy and cabaret pies.

Springer warms the crowd with a selection of jokes about her own dating life, checkered with side-splitting anecdotes about some of her less than ideal encounters.

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Tash Edge

Ticket Price 29 - 29

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 29 - 29
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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I wanted to like it more. But it seemed like it was written for all the men in the audience, not the women. However it’s definitely the most “unique” game show/ comedy you’ll see at Fringe.

Reviewed by Zee 2019

Didn’t know what to expect, but I was entertained, educated and just laughed and laughed. Very clever stuff! Well done. Excellent show!

Reviewed by Bernadette Georgis 2019