Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2020

Showstopper: An Interactive Murder Mystery

Who’s ready for a night of murder and love affairs? Don your best detective gear and head on over to Connections Nightclub, where friends aren’t really friends, and lovers stay behind closed doors.

This new interactive performance is brought to you by Back Door Productions, the creative minds behind Three Short Shows, A Place for Me, Playtime and its sequel, Playtime 2: So much fun you’ll come twice! This Fringe season, they’ve come together again to bring mystery and intrigue to the humble city of Perth.

Set inside a club, lead singer and dancer Scarlet is the envy of many. When someone is murdered, fingers point everywhere – and it’s your job to figure out who the killer is. The audience is encouraged to split into groups and interview the characters, each whose tale is more suspicious than the last, and we realise that not all is as it seems.

Each actor played their character so well that I was transported into the performance itself, and was sitting at the edge of my seat, looking for the next clue. The interactive element of this show ensures that no night is ever the same as the last. Although it had a strong start, the ending was a little confusing, and kept me wanting more.

Nevertheless, Showstopper: An Interactive Murder Mystery was a night that kept me on my toes, and had me burst into fits of giggles.

If you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted night of murder and intrigue, this is the perfect one.

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Tiffany Ko

Tiffany is a Fringe enthusiast and loves all things wonderful and weird. She’s excited to come back for a second time to spill the tea on everything this year’s Festival has to offer. When she’s not out catching shows, she’ll most likely be working on her TBR pile or looking for new lit journals to subscribe to.

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Now that was truly bad. Confusing, and illogical ending. No one picked the killer and the killers reasons were just stupid. Too many audience members so some people couldn't hear. Some bad acting.

Reviewed by Gary Storm 2020