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Shaken: A James Bond Cabaret

James Bond, 007, was allegedly described as ‘…what every man would like to be, and what every woman would like to have between her sheets.’

Shaken is a fun exploration of who was the greatest Bond of all time interspersed with some of the most famous songs from the films. It was great entertainment.

Who doesn’t get a thrill at the line “Bond… James Bond”. As soon as I saw the advert for this show I wanted to go as I grew up with the different Bonds and the movies are such classics.

There are frequent nods to iconic Bond moments, characters and trivia all tied together with stunning song performances by the two stars,

Charlie D. Barkle and Erin Jay Hutchinson. Hutchison was vibrant and really good fun and Barkle moved gracefully around the stage, a born entertainer, they had a great rapport together. Both performers have powerful lungs and did the songs justice. I loved it.

It was very enjoyable, nothing offensive, just lots of fun, albeit slightly cheesy, and set appropriately in the elegant setting of the Ellington.

Barkle and Hutchinson wearing classic black tie, martinis in hand, parodied classic Bond moments and alternated the singing of the classic Bond theme tunes with rounds of a game.

The various Bonds were compared through the ages on different categories, including escaping death, notable mentions, conquests, and STIs – “If it’s not on, it’s not on!”

Barkle researched the character well and included some light-hearted pokes at Bond’s sexual prowess and the evolution of his sexual objectification of women and Hutchinson nodded to the possibility of a new female Bond.

I would have like to see less game and more singing, as the sound was magnificent, and I’m a sucker for that kitschy kind of music. It was a fun show.

‘He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch…’

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Ticket Price $20 - $30

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $20 - $30
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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