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Returning for another FRINGE WORLD season in 2020, Shaggers is a popular show that has hit a home run with audiences worldwide.

This lively hour of laughs showcases a talented selection of local and international stand-ups delivering their cheekiest stories, anecdotes and one-liners about, you guessed it: doing the horizontal bop.

In this intimate hit show, a superb and varied line-up of four comedians shamelessly share entertaining and (unfortunately) relatable, adventures of love, dating and casual sexual encounters.

From sexually transmitted infections to failed relationships, rejection and dating apps, this show has it all. It’s raunchy. It’s achingly awkward. And it’s incredibly funny.

A highlight of the show is that it provides the audience with a chance to sample several comedians at once. Each performer has just 10 minutes to get down to business, working relentlessly to produce the most consistent laughter.

Internationally followed stand-up comic Nik Coppin seamlessly ties the performances together, introducing each act while delivering banging comedic action in between.

Audience interaction in a show like this has a powerful effect – not only on the individuals involved but on the whole crowd.

The comedians are successful in engaging and uniting the audience, guiding them on a shared journey of hysterical laughter and in some cases, pure discomfort. The audience’s adrenalin levels are spiked, and front-rowers are reminded to make safer seating choices in future.

With its rotating performers ready to fool around, moments of sheer cringe are punctuated with some serious funny business. This is a unique late-night show that you should definitely let have its way with you!

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