Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2020

Shades of Bublé: A Three-Man Tribute to Michael Bublé

Glorious! An absolute delight to the eyes and ears.

These three smoothies won my heart with their charming good looks and playfulness. It was a fun show, professional and interactive, ending with a standing ovation, the audience huddling round afterwards sharing how much they loved it.

The three emerged on stage from a cloud of dry ice, making a dramatic entrance, confidently taking the stage and immediately engaging with the audience.

Impeccably dressed in black suits they contrasted stunningly with the background. A visual delight. I felt that rush of pleasure at the sight of them reminding me of the glamorous elegance of the 1950- 60’s.

This was old fashioned Entertainment with a capital E. These boys were slick. Flawless in their execution. They sung beautifully, both in harmony and individually.

If you like Bublé’s style, then this is the show for you. A wide range of his work was used, including some Sinatra classics, Mack the Knife and an interesting cover of Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

As a trio, Shades of Bublé showed that each shade added a different dimension, each taking centre stage demonstrating their personalities. They made me think of the Three Musketeers with their camaraderie and banter.

The bearded Ryan was the more distinguished of the three, with the most powerful voice. There was Nick, who was the most versatile. He was passionate and really expressive, with the slicked hair and boyish good looks of old Hollywood, and Adam, with his edgy dark man-bun, who reminded me of a lean and youthful Sean Connery. They were a good foil for each other and a magic combination on stage.

Audience interaction was key, Shades of Bublé were very attentive, and exciting. One person commented afterwards that the boys made you feel “like you were the only girl in the room”. Very romantic and totally enjoyable.

There’s nothing shady about these three. Ryan and Nick are from New York and Adam is from Sydney, proudly another of our local WAAPA graduates.

Recommend this for a perfect ‘date night’ primer.

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Friday evening the 29/2/20 thank you
For making my nieces night dancing with her on stage. She is going through her own battles at the moment and it was lovely to see such a genuine smile

Reviewed by Alma 2020

Fantastic show - fabulous singers

Reviewed by Denny Craig 2020