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Sex, Drugs and Fleetwood Mac – Rumours From a True Story

Fleetwood Mac has in the past described their tumultuous, never-ending history of loving and fighting as a musical soap opera.

Perth’s own Sweetwood have delved into Fleetwood Mac’s inner turmoil and legendary songs to present a show that will intrigue and possibly shock.

Focussing solely on the relationship of guitarist/singer, Lindsey Buckingham, and singer Stevie Nicks, their love story was the inspiration of some of their most popular songs to come out of the Rumours era.

For Fleetwood Mac fans there is so much to enjoy, with the band managing to pack quite a number of familiar songs into the cabaret performance.

Zalia Joi as Stevie Nicks looks the part in all her witchy glory as she gives an arresting performance chronicling the heady days of sex and drugs within the band.

Joi reached out for connection with the audience often coming right to the edge of the stage to draw people in. Her voice as she sung through songs like Landslide was strong and powerful but did lack Nick’s bluesy tones. A reminder to the audience that this was more about storytelling rather than mimicry.

In Fleetwood Mac, the only other personality or ego bigger than Nicks’, was her restless partner Buckingham, and guitarist Shannon Smith slips into the character with an ease and confidence to go head to head with the gypsy singer.

As Buckingham, Smith bubbles with intensity and his guitar playing gave the songs an edge that had all of us downstairs at the Maj clapping our hands along.

In all, it provided a fascinating, albeit sensational, look into the band’s excesses that were allowed to continue because the music produced was so good.

Sweetwood has ably conveyed this with their evident camaraderie and infectious energy which will too have you crooning by the end of Don’t Stop, “Oooh don’t you look back”.

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Ticket Price $36 - $42

End Date 26 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $36 - $42
  • End Date 26 Jan 2019
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I loved the show so much I saw it twice. Zalia's voice was strong and the band played well. A really entertaining one hour.

Reviewed by Gina Delcos 2019

Brilliant! Very raw and poignant at times with a good dose of comedy thrown in. Not to be missed!

Reviewed by Vicki Hunter 2019