Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2020

Selfless Orchestra: Great Barrier

Selfless Orchestra: Great Barrier, is an intimate live music and visual experience inspired by the Great Barrier Reef.

For 45 minutes, this 12-piece Post-Rock Orchestra deliver a powerful cinematic instrumental performance in front of a video installation that explores the history of the reef and the destructive behaviours that have lead to the current threat of its extinction.

As you enter the room, you are given earplugs and encouraged to sit on the floor for a truly intimate experience.

The performance starts off with stunning scenes of the reef and the abundance of marine life below the water before taking you deep into the ocean for a thought-provoking sensory journey.

Selfless Orchestra challenge the audience to take action for the protection and restoration of the Great Barrier Reef exploring themes like pollution, global warming and human impact.

They also take a stance against the Adani Coal Mine highlighting that its existence threatens the survival of the Reef.

Part proceeds from tickets sold will be donated to Frontline Action Against Coal, a community led, non-violent direct action group on the front line of dangerous fossil fuel development and expansions and the Reef Restoration Foundation, an initiative based upon saving the Great Barrier Reef.

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