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Secret Suppers – Seven Deadly Sins Immersive Dinner


Get ready to sin. This is a dining experience is like no other. Smell the wrath, crave the lust, and devour the gluttony. Sit down and enjoy an immersive seven-course meal, each themed to one of the seven deadly sins.

Delicious and delightful, this mix of entertainment and eating works the senses. From the presentation, the delivery and the taste, each component of the meals fit the performance perfectly and tastes incredible. The thoughtful and provocative disposition of each course is stimulating. The chefs are the hidden stars of the show. The mystery of what awaits and the creative delivery of each sin is captivating.

The unknown is what keeps this event so enchanting. The performers are so in tune with the theme and work their magic setting the mood. The interaction between themselves and with the guests is what ties this event together. The performers do an excellent job to make each guest feel welcome.

The atmosphere is warm, yet there is the perfect level of angst as diners await their next meal, which the performers use to their advantage.

The performers bring the extra flare and interest the event needs. Bringing banter with their sinful personas, be prepared to be charmed and shocked at what these characters will get up to!

Secret Suppers are so wickedly good in the delivery of this event. The forward planning for this event is to an extremely high standard. The flow of each meal and performances feels natural and straightforward. There was no pressure to rush the courses, yet somehow the event ran to schedule.

Unfortunately this show has now sold out, so unless you were lucky enough to get tickets, you will have to wait for Secret Suppers next feast! If you are attending, be aware alcoholic drinks are not included in the ticket price and the bar is cash only, (but there is an ATM available across the road).

Get your tummies rumbling and be prepared to become sinful.

Love the show? Have your say!

Jo on 17 Sep 2019

Such a unique concept and organized incredibly well. The combination of entertainment (acting, singing, acrobatics, projected images, music) served along delicious food which you would have never tasted before... and that dessert course!! A truely magical evening!

Joanna Jenkin on 17 Sep 2019

Thank you!!! Go Deneil and team, what an amazing night

Joanna Jenkin on 17 Sep 2019

Next level amazing

Jenelle Proudfoot on 17 Sep 2019

Absolutely amazing.. so much fun.. so many original ideas.. the food was fantastic.. loved the crazy dessert complete with aerial performer.. the actor waiters were great.. hopefully you guys do another one like this 😃

Tola on 02 Dec 2019

Exceeded expectations! Did Perth proud.

Ryan Nicholson on 02 Dec 2019

A fantastic evening, a complete show from start to finish - left feeling totally satisfied, and covered in jelly and chocolate - just as I was hoping.

Paul on 02 Dec 2019

As I we came into the garden, I didn’t know what to expect for the night. It was lots of fun. Outstanding food, and the gluttony course can’t be beaten.... that’s how I want all my desserts now!! Yum!

Suzie on 02 Dec 2019

An unforgettably delicious experience. Jaw dropping and mouth watering. The event staff were obviously enjoying themselves, and why not when they can be proud to serve up such amazing food in so many fun ways. Will def go again!


Review by Emma Brand on 08 Feb 2019

Emma is back in action for round two at FringeFeed. She enjoyed it so much last year, she is now sporting a fringe herself! Now armed and ready with a Bachelor’s degree, Emma is relying on her humour and zany attitude to fumble her way through more adult life.