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Spine-tingling and unusual, SÉANCE is an adventure in sensory deprivation and the exploration of the terrifying unknown.

Only 20 minutes long, but with every second used to send chills up your spine and whispers in your ear, this multi-media experience takes you on the journey of being part of a seance that goes horribly wrong, as the world around you starts to break down and the paranormal comes to take you alive in complete and utter darkness.

There isn’t much to say about SÉANCE as it is short but intense, and is best left to be experienced first hand.

It is definitely one to check out if you are a lover of all things horror and the paranormal, as it is expertly done to be as frightening and as unsettling as possible.

Although it focuses on what you can hear more than any of your other senses, it’s still absolutely worth a try- it’s like nothing else you’ll experience at Fringe World this year.

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Tahnee Clarke

Tahnee is a fun and unique lover of all things FRINGE WORLD and the arts. Enjoy her fresh perspective on the wild world of Fringe.

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End Date 16 Feb 2020

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  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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Experienced both offerings from Darkfield's Immersive performances.
They don't rely on any cheap tricks and they won't touch you.
Get your creepy on with this one.
4 out of 5 stars!

Reviewed by Ryan S McNally 2020

Very entertaining, and very clever and immersive use of sound. The story was very good, and plays on the uncertainties of life very well, creating a satisfyingly unsettling emotion in the audience.

Reviewed by Dylan 2020