Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2020

Scottish Comedian of the Year: Marc Jennings

Scottish comedian of the year Marc Jennings is a bright new comedic talent touching down on Australian soil for the first time and making his Western Australian debut at FRINGE WORLD 2020.

Jennings is a creative, charming Glaswegian who confidently delivers an entertainingly relatable show which flows seamlessly between stand up routine and quick-witted audience banter. It is clear that Jennings has a natural ability to engage and entertain, and it is no wonder he has a significant international following and has been dubbed as “one to watch” in the world of comedy.

Jennings has a strong stage persona which he uses to deliver laughter-prompting content across a range of diverse subjects, mostly at his own expense, from hilarious stories of online dating to unemployment and life living with his parents.

Jennings wisely used the opportunity of an intimate show to experiment and test new material with the audience – a calculated risk worth taking. At times, his material seemed somewhat reserved and censored, and therefore less impactful, but it was evident that he was able to gauge the audience and adjust his content accordingly.

An insightful, intelligent comedian, Jennings creative performance successfully held the audience’s attention for the entirety of the hour. He has mastered the ability of combining quick wit with well-thought-out, amusing material. A definite rising star!

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Ticket Price $20 - $25

End Date 16 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $20 - $25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2020
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