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I had the delight and pleasure to attend Scotland! presented by Latebloomers and will start by saying that this might be one of my favourite Fringe shows ever of any season, anywhere in the world.

Scotland! is a largely non-verbal, physical comedy show using elements such as clown, mime, impressive and complex physical percussion and some truly perfect comedic timing to tell a story.

This show is not my usual cup of tea, so when offered the chance to review it, I did not know what to expect.

I’m not quite sure what the story was (there was a fish, maybe a stag and definitely a battle somewhere), but honestly, I don’t care.

To attend Scotland! is to have just plain fun – it is an absurd, ridiculous and masterful romp through the Scottish Highlands and culture. My cheeks and sides were actually hurting with laughter afterwards.

There was a minimal set and just three performers. The entire storyline was played out in a vaguely Mr Bean/ Carry On style comedy, or at least what those genres would like to be when they grow up.

The three performers (Dugmore, Tilley and Nilsson) are masters of their craft – rarely have I seen such perfect comic timing or tight ensemble work.

A charming counterpoint to the physical comedy was some beautifully sung Scottish folk songs in three-part harmony, many of which included rousing audience choruses.

Latebloomers are brave, in that they have devised a show which includes quite a bit of audience interaction (always a risky move), however they handled the audience well, never crossing the line between audience interaction and making the audience feel uncomfortable, a problem in many Fringe shows.

The Latebloomers had the audience eating out of the palm of their hand (literally in one case), and the night I attended it was sold out.

Get yourself a ticket for this one if at all possible, because it is not to be missed.

I will definitely be going again and taking friends.

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Lorna Mackie

In the theatre for more than 20 years, with numerous award winning shows under her belt, Lorna is passionate about supporting the arts community, and holds management roles in two theatre organisations. Lorna is excited to able to provide entertaining reviews to help people choose from awesome array of shows!

Ticket Price $20 - $30

End Date 24 Jan 2020

  • Ticket Price $20 - $30
  • End Date 24 Jan 2020
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Reviewed by Mel 2020

So very funny - inventive, expressive physical comedy at it's finest. Great amount of audience participation. 10/10 would see again!

Reviewed by Elida Solecio 2020