Fringefeed | 11 Feb 2018

Sarah Furtner: FIFO WIFO

Join Sarah Furtner, self-proclaimed FIFO WIFO, for a night of giggles at the Hellenic Club WA this weekend. Furtner cracks open a cold one with the crowd as she tells the quirky musings of her life as a woman partnered to a FIFO worker.

Sharing the ins and outs of her role as a new mum and her not-so-fancy life in Gosnells, the comedy act starts with Furtner sipping a beer and chatting to the crowd as if they are her friends—which as Furtner claims, isn’t far from the truth.

With half the crowd putting their hands up as FIFO workers, Furtner’s jokes sing close to home. As she verbalises her thoughts on the terrors of night shifts, stubby holders and childbirth, Furtner sets the scene for a quintessential Aussie chick’s FIFO WIFO life.

Toilet babies, meth heads, Dungeons and Dragons and pizza porn, FIFO WIFO has all of the potential to be a knee-slapping comedy act. It’s a pity, then, that the show lacks a depth of delivery that is essential to grab a few hearty laughs.

The show has a mishmash of story lines that, at times, seems out of place and awkward. Missing the perfect moment to execute the big punch lines, this stand up act was less of a comedy show and more of an intimate chat between girlfriends, with the odd laugh.

Unfortunately Furtner’s confidence and delivery of her jokes was let down by nerves and note-reading. On the flip side, Furtner’s strength in her storytelling kept the crowd invested in the show as she described the funny inner workings of her mind.

Furtner’s FIFO WIFO has great potential to be a showstopper. If you love a good story and a giggle, this is the show for you.

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Ticket Price $19.50 - $22

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $19.50 - $22
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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