Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2019

Sam Simmons: 26 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong With San Simmons

Love him or hate him, Sam Simmons knows how to transform weirdness into an artform. For years, Sam has been delivering inventive, absurdist shows and his material has very rarely missed. From his prop heavy earlier gigs to more focused storytelling (like Death Of A Sails-Man and the award winning Spaghetti For Breakfast), he has been a must see comedian for many years.

’26 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong With San Simmons’ is his latest show to hit his Perth hometown (and read that show title again… you might have already done one thing wrong). It’s a combination of self-help and karaoke… delivered in that inimitable Sam Simmons style. From advice on how to deal with that trickiest of subjects, linty jeans, to a hilarious ode to wanting a monkey set to Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’, the new show is gleefully off the wall.

If you were willing to let Simmons take the steering wheel, you were in for a wild ride.

Which makes Sam’s decision to include poorly timed material about a recent local event so much more baffling. This one moment felt like genuine bad taste and received a deafeningly silent reaction. While Sam eventually recovered and apologised, the show would have been far better without it. Deciding to frequently hit age-old gags about his appearance in the second half, unfortunately, didn’t much help either.

Luckily Simmons has so much oddball charisma to win a crowd back over. Whether he was demonstrating how to eat an apple in the ‘manliest’ way possible or just letting rip with his delightfully unhinged singing voice, there’s still nobody like Sam Simmons.

So although you’re likely already prepared for Sam’s weirdness (it’s basically his trademark), maybe ready yourself for it get a little darker than expected… and can somebody get that man a monkey already?

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Ticket Price 32 - 35

End Date 26 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price 32 - 35
  • End Date 26 Jan 2019
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