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Rory Lowe – Get Rich Or High Trying

For years I’ve seen the name Rory Lowe attached to comedy shows around Perth, Fringe, several music festivals, etc, and this year I finally got to watch him at FRINGE WORLD, and I loved every second of it.

Lowe is a comedian that’s been around the scene for ages, and has made quite a name for himself, and rightfully so. Lowe, having hailed from the United Kingdom, has a lot to say about Australia and the people that live here, which is a large part of his set.

He highlights the nonchalance of the people, and links this aspect throughout the show, as well as other things, which served him well as everything tied in together seamlessly.

Despite its name, Rory Lowe – Get Rich or High Trying, there is only minimal reference to drug use. It’s mostly Rory recounting stories from his life, and might I say, what an interesting life he’s led.

Lowe, who is a very adept story teller, really sets the scenes for all of his tales and takes you on a wild ride with him.

One of my favourite aspects of his set was his interaction with the audience, showing his fast, tongue in cheek humour, spinning everything the audience gave him into well-crafted quips and jokes.

Another brilliant aspect of the show was his casual use of self-deprecating humour, which was light hearted and will most certainly leave you in stitches.

I would without a doubt recommend going to see Rory Lowe, he’s a man full of energy, with a sincere aura and a boat load full of stories that’ll make you wonder why your life isn’t as exciting as his.

I would not hesitate to go see him again, and according to my roommate who came with me – she felt the same way. You can catch his show for the remainder of Fringe at the Hellenic Club in Northbridge.

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Samantha Chemuduri

Ticket Price $20 - $25

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $20 - $25
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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