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ROBYN PERKINS: Mating Selection

Dating is never easy, least of all as part of a live dating show on a stage in front of a crowd.

Comedian and scientist Robyn Perkins found herself in such a predicament for laughs but found the experience opened a can of moral worms and unpacks it with a scientific lens for our entertainment.

Faced with an age appropriate but married man, a physically attractive (and legal!) 17-year-old with a limited vocabulary and a sweet-talking gentleman with Down Syndrome, Robyn found herself torn.

Throw her morals out the door and go with the married man, pick the audience fave who she had zero romantic interest in or go with her gut and face potential judgment by snagging the hot but super young (but again, legal!) one?

It is a tricky situation and raises many questions about dating, perceptions, attraction and peer and societal pressures.

Robyn cleverly drip feeds information about each potential bachelor and asks the audience to vote on who they would pick after making each revelation.

Watching the results roll in and change wildly after each twist is incredible and fascinating to watch.

There is a lot going on in 50 minutes (including a slide show with some amusing slides) and yet this doesn’t get bogged down in the science and details – Robyn is an engaging and hilarious storyteller who is not above a good dick joke among the science.

It is a brisk, breezy but fascinatingly thought-provoking set that everyone is sure to find some relatable aspect in there.

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Fantastic show. Worth seeing.

Reviewed by Fiona 2020

Really funny and iNSightful show. Bring your phone for live participation. A geeky, funny, graph-ic Show. Graph as in StatisTics. Ok. I'm not the funny one. She is. See her show

Reviewed by Dione 2020