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Part magic, part illusion, part comedy, RanDom is an inventive and modern take on the classic magic show.

“But…how did he do that?” you’re going to ask yourself. Unfortunately, I have no answers for you. What I do have is a recommendation – if you like magic and being utterly confused – you’ll love this.

Dom Chambers is not your run-of-the-mill trickster. With an ability to generate seemingly endless amounts of beer using nothing but sheer will, his uniquely Australian brand of fun probably spills off-stage, too.

The man did a (magic) shoey on stage, on Australia Day. If that isn’t patriotic, I don’t know what is.

RanDom is all about playing with perception, and Dom has a knack for engaging the room. There are no plants, actors or ‘stooges’ in this crowd (he swears!) and Dom takes great lengths to demonstrate that each trick is, essentially, random.

If audience members are coming up with questions on the spot, then how does he have the answers all neatly packaged and prepared? Is he a real wizard? A Jedi? A psych graduate? Who can say.

The jokes don’t always land, and occasionally one crowd member will say something so out of the blue that Dom will be thrown for a moment – but I feel that’s rather more indicative of us as a city than his ability as a performer.

Obviously, the tricks vary in wow-factor, and, though impressive, a lot of the sleight-of-hand stuff loses a bit of its impact from far away on a stage. However, when Dom pulls out the big gun illusions, it’s no less than mind-blowing.

It’s easy to see why Dom Chambers is a viral magician. RanDom is designed to appeal to a 2019 audience and puts a millennial spin on good old-fashioned magic.

With a little bit of cut and polish, it’s certainly a contender for FRINGE WORLD greatness.

“Just a bit of pointless fun,” says Dom. Maybe, but is it entertaining?


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Ben Ashley

Raised by the warm, loving glow of the internet, Ben claims memes are the sole cause of his inability to have a regular conversation. One day he hopes to achieve his childhood dream of running away with the circus – until then, he’ll settle for writing about them.

Ticket Price $27 - $31

End Date 09 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $27 - $31
  • End Date 09 Feb 2019
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This show deserves 5 stars!! Best show Ive seen by far!

Reviewed by Emmanuel 2019

As a full time magician myself, I've seen a tonne of magic shows... as well as countless Fringe shows in general. And with this background, I have to say that this is a bloody fantastic show, and IMO is worthy of more stars than it's been given!

Honestly, the vast majority of magic shows don't even come close to matching this. It's witty, edgy, artistic, and incredibly original material. Go and see him.

(As an aside, I believe this was reviewed on the opening night, when there are always some hiccups. Fringe performers only get an hour to run through all their sound and lighting cues with the AV techs, so things only ever get tighter after the first night).

Reviewed by Rob Townsend 2019