Fringefeed | 24 Jan 2020

Purple People Comedy & Circus

Award winner Purple People Comedy & Circus comes to the stage at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020 with an undoubtedly purple theme and an astonishing parade of acts.

Presented by Australia’s own ZAP CIRCUS, and featuring talented couple Rusty Hammond and Tarrabelle Murphy, the show weaves an exhilarating web of comedy, spunky acrobatics and even fire.

After a warm greeting of small individual tricks, performers treat us to giddy routines of hand-balancing, fascinating juggling and charming fire plays, followed by physically impressive acrobatics.

Acts are underpinned by comedy, funny gestures and sound effects which add to the pleasure immensely. All of this momentum culminates to a point where the entire audience is engaged: laughing, clapping and joining together to loudly count down to the next act. Unbelievably adults react, participate and are tricked even more than younger viewers.

Performers compete with each other to captivate the watchers. Who could be more stunning? Who could be voted as the best or the most popular? Tarrabelle, whose entire body can spin, entertains people with staggering hula-hooping. Later Rusty takes a turn to warm up the show with his acrobatic acts and juggling. Together they then join to reveal how Tarrabelle can defy gravity, drifting on the air and standing on his head.

We are treated to all manner of fun with dance, jokes, purple hairstyles, audience participation and big laughs.

As the audience is totally thrilled and engaged, the show reaches the end in a blink of an eye. The last chilling moments of the final act have everyone holding their breath with a mixture of acrobatics, Hula-hooping and fire, bringing great delight to all.

The blaze of this performance will not be extinguished when you leave. It’s a feel-good show that can be a tactile experience for the youngest as well as the oldest members of the family.

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Azade Falaki

Azade Falaki is a writer and director from Tehran. She has been working in the theatre industry as a writer and artistic director as well as translator and researcher since 2007. When she is not involved working behind the scenes, she enjoys discovering both well-known and new productions.

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Having seen Zap before I wondered if I would see more of the same or new stunts. They certainly had new tricks up their sleeve and they didn't disappoint. Great home grown WA talent ! Destination Perth

Reviewed by Tracey Cinavas-Prosser 2020

We took our 3 & 4 year see the show, they absolutely loved it. They both said their favourite bit was the whole show. Definitely recommend this show to all.

Reviewed by Mel 2020