Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2020

Puppetry of the Penis

World-renowned performance Puppetry of the Penis has a special surprise: the original duo has reunited for the 2020 Fringe circuit, delivering all their best bits in an unforgettable show that knows no boundaries.

Puppetry of the Penis was born when Simon Morley teamed up with fellow dick trick enthusiast David “Friendy” Friend in Byron Bay in the late 90s. This unique show, affectionately described by the performers as a workshop rather than a show, has continued to evolve ever since, resulting in the creation of a successful business which sees performances being delivered by a number of disrobed puppeteers across the globe.

The venue was buzzing with excitement with audience members in high spirits, eager for the show to begin. Some of the attendees seem slightly uncomfortable, particularly those attending the show with family members. A word of warning: if you feel embarrassed watching a movie that involves nudity with your parents, then perhaps don’t bring them along to Puppetry of the Penis… or do.

Within moments of entering the stage, the performers have the audience erupting in laughter. Nobody (except return fans) knows what to expect, adding to the excitement and high level of anticipation that fills the room.

What follows is a combination of comedy and genital contortion which can only be described as an impeccable form of ancient art.

The star ‘members’ of the show take on different forms, including all their signature shapes (think: classic hot dogs through to Parisian landmarks), as Morley and Friendy bend, twist and fold their tackle along to the rhythm of audience laughter.

Featuring some serious ‘wow’ moments and much squirming among attendees, this bare all, one-of-a-kind performance is not for the faint-hearted.

With this overwhelmingly successful, shameless show of penis origami potentially being one of the last featuring the original duo, it is a must see.

It’s Australia’s greatest theatrical export and you are guaranteed to have a ball… or two, or three, or four.

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Hilarious show. The guys are fantastic. They had us in stitches

Reviewed by Helena Swan 2020