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Pupperotica: Foreplay


If you’ve ever wondered what your favourite Sesame Street characters would look like with nipple tassels look no further – Pupperotica: Foreplay is the FRINGE WORLD production for you.

Pupperotica is the right amount of ‘heat’ in a FRINGE WORLD show – spicy but not cringeworthy. So, if you’re looking for something cheeky but mostly tasteful look no further.

The show is the perfect display of fan-fiction-esque erotica done right and is a must-see for audiences with a literary themed kink.

The myriad of personalities presented to the audience each take us down a rabbit hole of R-rated narrative with (usually) ‘happy endings’.

The narratives themselves are, despite their topic, beautifully written. Each moment and movement painted so perfectly it’s difficult to un-paint the imagery built up in your imagination.

Some of the tales suffer from some self-indulgence and go on a few minutes longer than required to hit the punchline.

Pupperotica tries its hand at audience work too but for all the build-up and time taken for the audience to shout out their suggestions, the end product is rushed over.

Layla is the true star the show and can’t put a foot wrong. The undoubted highlight of the show is her closing piece where she sings about a topic all us ladies are painfully familiar with – you’ll have to buy a ticket to find out just what – but the end result is tears of laughter.

Pupperotica is a third date type of show but I wouldn’t meet a new tinder date there. Laughing over a dominatrix grandmother puppet might break the ice but it’s hard to come back from.

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Review by Danica Lamb on 21 Jan 2019

Having just finished her Law Masters at UWA, Danica can't wait to leave the house. Danica's addiction to Fringe began when she performed as a speed-dating Jacqui Lambie in 2015 and this year she can’t wait to share her experiences of cheek-pain-inducing laughter with you this Fringe season.