Fringefeed | 18 Jan 2020

(Please) Validate Me

Many of us begin the New Year with those ever-important existential questions such as Who am I? Am I OK? Where do I fit in the world? Based on the number of New Year’s resolutions still swirling around social media at this stage of January, it’s clear many of us are still searching for some kind of validation.

What better way, then, to begin FRINGE WORLD 2020 than by taking an audience with Benjamin Maio Mackay at Perth’s iconic Girls School as he asks us to (Please) Validate Me?

Life hasn’t been all cocktails and fireworks for Mackay, an Adelaide-based actor, director, comedian, podcaster and musician, and he’s not afraid to tell you all about it in this raw and fast-paced comedy show.

A charismatic and captivating storyteller, multi-award nominated Mackay connects quickly with the audience before taking us with him as he reflects on his (ongoing) journey of self-discovery – from self-abhorrence to…well…some form of self-acceptance and even self-love (but that may only be for today).

Combining honest reflection, clever observations, sarcasm and song, he is nothing if not entertaining as he shares intimate aspects of his colourful life.

Benjamin Maio Mackay delivers a polished performance – he’ll make you laugh; he’ll make you think and even squirm in your seat.

About the Author

Amy Hall

Amy is a children's music performer and specialist music teacher with extensive local and overseas performance experience. She is passionate about sharing her love of the arts with the community, and regularly volunteers her services as a musician for events and organisations that are close to her heart.

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Expertly crafted, clever, funny and emotional. Story-telling at its best.

Reviewed by CathHewitt2020 2020

Was umming and arring about whether to leave this review. Benjamin comes across as a very talented performer with a lot of experience BUUUUUT he's definitely missed something with this show. It felt more like an AA meeting with his extensive and monotonous monologue rather than a comedy. There were no breaks for the audience to laugh at the (very few!) funny remarks he made and before we knew it, he was tumbling down yet another spiral of self-loathing. He broke out into song at one point which gave us all a glimmer of hope. The audience clapped and he told us to stop - WTF?! He criticised the organisation of Fringe World and the location of his show and seemed to blame this for the lack of audience members: making it very awkward for the very few people who had PAID to sit through this "show". I understand that some comedians use their own issues and/or problems in their sets but blimey! I feel bad for Benjamin. I don't know if this was his point. That's why I didn't write this review two days ago immediately after the show. But I feel worse for the people who had to listen to his conversation with himself that should really have been with a counsellor or psychologist. Mate, get help or at the very least, take a breath and let us have a giggle together.

Reviewed by Bridget 2020